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Namdroling Monastery (Bylakuppe) Located amidst the sandal groves a few hours from Bangalore and Mysore, in Karnataka state, South India, Namdroling was established by His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche shortly after he came to India from Tibet. With only 300 rupees in his hand and with just a handful of monks, he laid the foundation stone of the three-storied main temple that then covered an area of 80 square feet. His Holiness the Dalai Lama consecrated the spot and bequeathed the name "Namdroling Monastery." Today the monastery is home to nearly 5000 monks and nuns, renowned as a center for the pure upholding of the teachings of the Buddha.


Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery
Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe pin 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka State
Tel: (91) 8223-254-318
Tel: (91) 8223-254-038 3


Every day, Namdroling monastery welcomes hundreds of visitors, both from India and abroad to experience the teachings and enjoy our grounds, temples and meditative environment. Visitors should be aware, however, that although guests are permitted on a limited basis, there is only very limited staff dedicated to guest care. Infrastructure is primarily geared towards the care of the large monastic population and not yet completely prepared for the new influx of tourists. Visitors should be forewarned that they will need to be prepared to take complete responsibility for themselves on all fronts. For those simply wishing a tourist view of the monastery, there are Indian tour companies that arrange busses for such brief visits. For longer stays, please see below.

  • Requesting to Visit
  • Permit to Visit ("PAP")
  • Getting to Namdroling
  • Accomodations
  • Paljor Dhargey Ling - Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Precautions
  • Telephone/E-mail
  • One-month Retreat
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Requesting to Visit

Traditionally one should make a formal request to visit the monastery addressed to the presiding master. These days, travel is much easier and many more people wish to visit Namdroling. As a result of this rapid increase in visitors and exponential growth of the monastery, hospitality procedures are as follows:

  • Request a reference from your local center. You will need this when completing your P.A.P. application.
  • Apply for a P.A.P. (Protected Area Permit).
  • Supply your local reference with a copy of your P.A.P. application and request them to forward to the P.R.C.F. office at Namdroling .
  • Once you know your reference has forwarded your P.A.P. copy, phone the P.R.C.F. office and speak to Lopon Tshultrim Tentar to confirm receipt of your P.A.P. application copy at:  (91) 8223-252-962
  • You cannot be given a room at the monastery without a P.A.P.
  • In-person applications can be made in Delhi, but can take over two weeks to process.

Permit to Visit: Protected Area Permit ("PAP")

All guests without exception are required to have a PAP. Because of the growth in numbers of visitors to Namdroling, the local Government has become quite strict on this point, even conducting on-site spot searches for violators. Police are frequently stationed at the front gate of the monastery or at the Paljor Dhargey Ling Guest House in order to check for the permit.

The permit may take up to three months to arrive and must be applied for in advance. The process is:

  1. Obtain your Indian Visa and contact your Palyul reference, informing them you are planning to visit Namdroling and will need their assistance.
  2. Apply for your P.A.P. from Delhi (address below)
  3. The officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs sends a copy of your application to the local police station.
  4. The local police station makes an inquiry at the monastery as to whether or not you are expected as a visitor
  5. Upon confirmation, your P.A.P. application will be approved
  6. Upon arrival, you will need to proceed to the P.R.C.F. office to pick up your P.A.P.
  7. At the P.R.C.F. office you will be instructed as to next steps, which will likely include a visit to the police station in Bylakuppe for finger-printing and registration

We have not been made aware of any rejections of this application. Note that even those staying in Kushalnagar must have a P.A.P

How to apply

  • Confirm your reference from your local center
  • Download a copy of the application from
  • Use your reference name and address in the "references" portion of the application.
  • Send copies as follows:

    Send original PAP form, 4 photos, 3 photocopies of the form, 4 copies of the photo page of the passport to:

Mr.  Krishna Dutt
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
Rehabilitation Wing
Jaisalmer House, Mansingh Rd.
New Delhi ,   INDIA

Also request your local center reference to send a copy to (you cannot do this yourself) :

P.R.C.F. Office
P.O. Bylakuppe 571104
District Mysore
Karnataka State, South India

  • The form will require references and for these you must use a contact from your local center, preferably someone who lives part-time in Namdroling.

  • If you do not have a local center, it is important only to use references for Palyul teachers that you personally know, or to find another reference who knows Namdroling.  Phone the P.R.C.F. office for more info.

  • Provide a copy of your application to your local center/reference and request a copy be sent to to the P.R.C.F. office, to the attention of Lopon Tshultrim Tentar. The copy must be sent by this reference.  

  • Once you know your copy has been send you should call the office to insure your copy of the P.A.P. form has arrived.  Phone: (91) 8223-252-962 (office) and (91) 9845-337-324 (mobile).  The office will need to make an inquiry as to the status of your paperwork.  This way they can help expedite your application.

  • On arrival, first go to the Monastery Office. You will be instructed how to take next steps (as you will need to register with the local government).

Getting to Namdroling

  • Fly into Bangalore, then take a public bus, passing through Mysore to, Kushalnagar, the town nearest Namdroling. Total trip time is five hours.
  • No need to get off or change buses in Mysore. Make sure to get off at the correct stop as there is a stop at a small village called "Byalakupee" - which is not the correct stop. Instead continue on a little further to Kushalnagar, where there is a bus station and an Indian town with hotels.
  • Once in Kushalnagar, take a ten- minute motor rickshaw to the "Fourth Camp Nyingma Monastery." Or, simply say "The Golden Temple."  The trip should cost no more than 30 rupees.
  • Many visitors take a taxi from the airport to the monastery (6 hours). You should inform the driver that you are going to Kushalnagar, to the Golden Temple. Fare should be approximately 3600 - 4300 rupees.
  • It is also possible to take a train from Bangalore to Mysore , then a government bus from Mysore to Kushalnagar.
Accommodations, Introduction
  • Accommodations are available on the monastery premises or just by the front gate at the Paljor Dhargey Ling Guest House. Most guests stay at the Paljor Dhargey Ling Guesthouse.
  • Please be forewarned that it is possible that arrangements cannot be made in advance, depending on circumstances. Visitors are advised to keep a contingency plan for accommodations including plans to stay in one of the hotels in Kushalnagar until other plans can be confirmed.  
  • Be prepared as it may not be possible to attend to all visitor needs.  Visitors need to be prepared to be completely independent.

Accommodations on Monastery Grounds, Guest House

  • Accommodation arrangements are very informal as there is not staff devoted to managing visitors.
  • It may not be possible to stay on-site at the Monastery as the visitors quarters are often full.
  • Rooms are given according to various criteria and may not be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Reservations may be attempted by calling (91) 8223-252-962. Rooms cannot be guaranteed.
  • There is not currently provision for accessibility.
  • There may be a fee for the room. Should a fee not be requested, your generous donation is badly-needed and appropriate.
  • If there are no rooms available in the monastery guest house, you will be directed to Paljor Dhargey Ling. You may also be asked to move to Paljor Dhargey Ling should your room become required for other guests.
  • If no accommodations on premises are available, there are guest houses in towns nearby (not under monastery management). Appropriate precautions should be taken as those one would take in any new place.

Conditions at the monastery itself can be very rustic. Private baths with cold bucket showers are often available in each room as well as a ceiling fan and some limited electricity.

Food is provided for a donation in the second-floor kitchen. Breakfast is simple and consists of hot water, boiled milk, and a choice of tea or coffee as well as simple bread similar to pita bread with jam and butter. Lunch is usually a rice and vegetable dish with some light soup. Dinner is the lighter of the two meals, but with a similar menu.  Those wishing more for breakfast can find dosa (Indian pancake with savory sauce) or omelets at Hotel Shanti, a restaurant in Paljor Dhargey Ling Guest House. 

Accommodations at Paljor Dhargey Ling Guest House

  • Located directly across the street from the Monastery main gate.
  • Room reservations require a Protected Area Permit ( "P.A.P." - see above ).  The police frequent the hotel and shops.
  • Rooms are given according to a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Reservations may be attempted by calling (91) 8223-258-686. Rooms cannot be guaranteed by phone and no deposit system currently exists.
  • There is not currently provision for accessibility.

The shops on the ground floor include a restaurant, an internet station and Western Union with a money changing facility (although exchange rates are likely lower in Bangalore).

Telephone: 91-8223-258-686

The guest house requires international visitors to have a P.A.P. During most of the year it should be possible to make advanced reservations. However, during Losar the monastery can requisition rooms as needed for invited guests.

Restaurants and Food

On the monastery grounds one can find shops where food is available for purchase. These shops may provide fried noodles, or eggs for breakfast, milk tea, etc. Fresh coconuts and grapes are often sold by an Indian vendor just inside the main gate, and a couple other Indian vendors often sell rice or light bread with sauce. Shanti Hotel is a restaurant on the ground floor of Paljor Dhargey Ling Guest House; Choice Hotel is located across the street.  Both offer boiled milk tea or coffee. Also on the ground floor of the guest house and inside the monastery gates are general stores selling noodles, eggs, instant coffee, assorted condiments etc., as well as at least three which sell soda, lassi, and water.

Shopping is available in Kushalnagar accessible by Rickshaw at a cost of 20-30 rupees.  It is possible to buy a small gas range in town and then refill it at the shedra for 70 rupees. This range can last from four to eight weeks depending on use. For those seeking a grander dining experience, the main hotel in town is recommended. Please note, all precautions one would normally take in eating foods in new countries should be attended to properly at the monastery and surrounding areas.


Travelers should take all the usual precautions of traveling abroad. Be alert for individuals asking for fees or claiming that you, as a foreigner, must take a particular company's taxi and cannot ride the public bus, or other such misinformation. Potentially even those in uniform may not be giving legitimate information. Especially look for such complications at the airport.

A recent visitor advised, "At the airport take a 'prepaid' taxi into the city. There is a desk located in the same area as money changers etc., just before you leave the airport. Cost approximately 400 rupees to go into the center of Bangalore / Brigade road area. It is also possible, if one doesn't have much luggage to take a rickshaw, for about 80-150 rupees. It is approximately 30 minutes to Brigage road and 45 to the bus/train station, depending on traffic."


Telephone services are available at telephone offices in town only. These offices can handle international calls. Email is the easiest way to communicate if you do not have a cell phone, as there is an internet station at Paljor Dargye Ling, or several internet stations in town, paid for by the hour. If you have a cell phone which is "unlocked" and can handle an international SIM Card (ask about this in your home country), this is the most economical and convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family at home.  The SIM card usually costs about 100 rupees and refills cost about 250 rupees for each charge.  You can make about 2 or 3 calls to the U.S., for instance, for each charge of your cell phone.  The recharge can be done at the "Enter-the-Net" internet cafe or at the Monastery Shop just inside the front gate. Incoming calls are usually free for the callee (although long distance fees from the caller's country apply, of course).

Changing Money

The best rate for changing money is generally at the airports, or in Bangalore. You can also change money at Paljor Dargye Ling at a Western Union station located in the hotel. There are two ATM in Kulshanagar. While some cards will not work in these machines, Visa and Mastercard generally work well.

Annual One-month Retreat

If you plan to attend the one-month retreat at Namdroling Monastery, you can bring a good cushion and mat for sitting. Cushions are also available locally for purchase. Most all of the Ngondro retreat, for example, is held outside on the dirt under a canopy. Each of the three retreats (Ngondro, Tsa Lung Tummo, and Dzogchen) have both English and Chinese translators. His Holiness Penor Rinpoche gives the transmissions/lessons in Tibetan, and then later the respective translation groups meet (according to their own arrangements) to translate the text/lesson and ask questions. The translators are generally students at the adjoining university/shedra . A donation is often given by the group and/or individuals at the conclusion of the teachings. Please note that all classes except for Tsa Lung are co-ed. Women attend Tsa Lung at the nunnery, ten minutes down the road. Attendance of the retreat by students from other countries is not specially provided for at this time, although it is possible to attend. Accommodations are very tight whenever His Holiness Penor Rinpoche is in-residence at the monastery, and may be filled at other times as well. It is recommended to consider attending the one month retreat given in the United States.


Distance:- 250 km from Bangalore
Air:- The nearest airport are Mangalore (135 kms) and Bangalore (260 kms).
By Rail: - The nearest railheads are at Mysore, Mangalore and Hassan (146 kilometers).
By Road: -

From Bangalore, there are two routes to Coorg. Both routes are almost the same distance (around 250-260 kilometers).
The route via Mysore, is the oft-frequented route. The stretch after Hunsur is scenic and the drive through the coffee plantations is absorbing.
The other route is via Neelamangal, Kunigal, Chanrayapatna, all of which are located on the National highway. After Chanrayanapatna, the state highway route takes you to your destination

Bus: The  bus service in Madikeri has connections to almost every place in Coorg, except Kushalnagar, for which you have to hop onto a bus to Bangalore. Alternatively, there are regular buses to Mysore, Mangalore, Hassan, Chikmagalur, Shimoga.

When to go:- Cool climate around the year Dec - Feb
Tourist offices:- KSTDC(bookings and info) Badami House, NR Square, Bangalore Tel: 080-2275869, Fax: 2352626 Email:
Where to stay :- Dubare Elephant Camp Dubare, Kodagu, Tel: 91-08272200651 / 200653, 94495 99755 Email: Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs. 1900 per head

Club Mahindra Kodagu Valley Galibeedu Road, Kalakeri Nidugane Village, Madkeri, Coorg - 571204
Email: Tel : 91-08272-221114 Fax : 91-8272-221882 Tariff Range: Rs. 5040 to Rs. 6500

Orange County Resort Karadigodu Post, Siddapur,
Kodagu - 571 253 Tel: 08274-258481-84 Fax: 08274-258485 Email: Web site: Tariff Range: Rs. 10,000/- to Rs.21,000/-

Hotel Coorg International Convent Road, Madikeri, Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-229390, 228071, 272 Fax: 08272-280730 Email: Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs.2900/- to Rs. 5000/-

Capitol Village 5th Cross, Chettahalli Siddapur Road, Madikeri, Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-225929, 75 Tariff Range: Rs. 1250/- to Rs. 2000/-

Hari-Ma Retreat P.B. No. 63 Hari- Ma Estate,
Sunticoppa N. Kodagu -571 237 Ph: 08276 - 260297
Mob: 9448676967 Note: Advance reservation before 8 days preferred.

Hill Town Hotel Daswal Road, Behind J D Hospital,
Madikeri, Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-223801-05
Email: Web site: Tariff Range: Rs. 250/- to Rs. 1500/-

Hotel Rajdarshan No. 8/13, M G Road, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-229142, 228823 Fax: 08272-228367 Web site:
madikeri/rajdarshan.htm Tariff Range: Rs. 950/- to Rs. 1350/-

KSTDC Mayura Valley View Raja's Seat, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-228387
Tariff Range: Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1250/-

Hotel Sangam & Sri Brahmagiri Comfort Deluxe Lodge Near Lower Kodava Samaj, Behind Janata Bazaar, Madikeri, Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-224867, 225866, 67 Fax: 08272-225866
Tariff Range: Rs. 750/- to Rs. 1050/-

Hotel Cauvery School Road, Madikeri, Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-225492 Fax: 08272-225735
Tariff Range: Rs. 250/- to Rs. 550/-

Honey Valley Estate Yavakapady Village, Kodagu - 571 212 Tel: 08272-238339 Email: Website: www.momentum.freeserve honeyvalley/ home.htm Tariff Range: Rs. 2000/- to Rs.2500/-

Rain Forest Retreat P. B. No. 101, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201 Tel: 08272-265636, 265638
Fax: 08272-265636 Email:
Tariff Range: Rs. 2000/- above

Alath-Cad Estate Bunglow P. B. No. 7,
Ammathi, Kodagu - 571 211 Tel: 08274-252190
Fax: 08274-452589 Mobile: 9449617665
Email:, Web site: Tariff: Rs. 2000/-above per couple on bed & breakfast basis.

Sand Banks P. B. No. 30, Polaycad Estate, Ammathi Post, Kodagu - 571 211 Tel : 08274-252130 Email: Tariff: Rs. 1750/- to Rs. 2000/-

Palace Estate Kakkabe, Kodagu - 571 212 Tel: 08272-238446 Tariff Range: Rs.1000/- to Rs.1500/-?

Pearl Garden P. B. No. 60, Kutta, Kodagu - 571 250
Tel: 08274-244233 Tariff: Rs. 750/- per couple

Chilligeri Estate Manchally Village, P. B. No. 167,
Kutta, Kodagu - 571 250 Tariff: Double bed Rs.
Single bed Rs. 750/-

Sylvan Cottage Muthar Mudi Village, Murnud Post, Kodagu - 571 252 Tariff: Rs. 500/-

Ramcad Guest House Near Iruppu Temple, Kodagu - 571217 Tel: 08274-244982, 244519
Tariff: Rs. 450/- per couple

Kavery Gonikoppal, Ganapathy Road, Kodagu - 571 213 Tel: 08274-247697, 248193 Tariff Range: Rs. 150/- to Rs. 450/-

"Amulya" # 26, Gowli Street, Madikeri. Tel: 08272-228509, Mob: 9448043032.

Angel's Nest Laxmipur Estate, Maldare Post,
Siddapur. Tel: 08274 - 259734. Note : Advance reservation before 3days preferred.

Alpen Glow "Chirantana", convent junction, Madikeri, Bangalore -71201 Ananth or Jayashree at ;
Tel: 98445 76429 , 94480 48875

Baby Estate P.O. Box No. 15, K. Chettalli - 571 248
Kodagu. Tel: 08276- 266820 Mob: 98452 70930, 98459 20536 Email : Note: Advance reservation before 3days preferred.

Bright Spot Maldare Post, Via Siddapur, S. Kodagu, Karnataka Tel: 08274 259650, 259778, Mob: 9448208242. Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Cauvery Home Stay Mangalore Road, Thalathmane, Madikeri - 571 201. Telephone No. : 08272 - 200228 Mob : 9448504578, 9845592064

Cauvery Home Stay (Irpu) Kurchi Village & Post,
Irupu, S. Kodagu Telephone No. : 08274 201092
Mob: 9980622983
Note: Advance reservation before 4 days preferred.

Chirpy Haven 'Sri Ganapathy', Near Sudarshan Guest House, Madikeri - 571 201 Tel: 08272 - 225493, 9880146792 email : Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Coffee Country Palace Road, Kakkabe, Via Napoklu, Madikeri Tq. Tel:08272 - 238330, 238625.
Mob: 9448587878, 9449555078.

Coorg Dale Ammangala Estate, Valnoor Post, Via Kushalnagar Tel:08276 - 267496 Mob: 9449747696,9880466496 email : Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Coorg Trekkers Paradise Near Rajaseat, Madikeri
Tel: 08272- 229318, 225498, Mob: 9945310233, 9449982959 email:
Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Coorg Wood Side Leena Prakash, Wood side,
Kattemadu Village & Post, Via Maragodu Tel: 08272- 241683, 9449339286 email:

Dhyan's Den Subramania Estate, Madikeri - 571 201 Telephone No. : 08272 - 229837 Mob: 9880119007, 9980106123 email : Note: Advance reservation before 3 to 4 days preferred.

Dubare Inn Resort Nanjarayapatna Post, Kushalnagar- 571 234 Tel: 08276 - 267855, 321149,
Mob: 9448005724, 9448742332. Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Eshwari Cottage Thalathmane, Mangalore Road,
Madikeri - 571 201. Telephone No. : 08272 221015,
9448381015 Email :

Euro Valley Katakeri Village, Made Post, Madikeri .
Tel: 08272 - 236728, Mob : 9448504653.
Email :

4Seasons 1st Block, Behind K.S.R.T.C. Bus Stand,
Indira Extension, Kushalnagar - 571 234 Tel: 08276 272950 Mob: 9845959838, 9880589784, 9880589785. Email:
Note: Reservation before 2 days earlier.

Forest Flower Nani Estate, Horoor Post, Sunticoppa
Tel: 08272- 200451,9448433128 e-mail : info @ forest_flower. com web site:
Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Ganesh Estate Stay Murnad Road, Madikeri Tel: 08272 - 225875, 222926, Mob: 9242170342. Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Ganga Near Housing Board, Mysore Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 223782, 229106, 224322, 225926,
Mob: 9448005642, 9448017670, 9342147342 Mob:9880573297,9845314491
email: naveen

Garden Villa Garden Villa Homestay, 'Gouri land' Abyathmangala Village, siddapur Tel: 08274 258339
Mob: 9880740769 Email:
Note: Advance reservation before 6 days preferred.

Green Field Stay Home, Abyathmangala, Siddapur
Tel: 08274 - 257460, Mob: 9448896030, 9242619127
Note: Advance reservation before 7 days preferred.

Green Cove Thriveni Block No.11B, New Extension, Madikeri-571 201 Tel: 08272 223180
Mob: 9448648482

Halli Mane Koodlur- Kushalnagar, Somwarpet Taluk, Kodagu Tel: 9449078126, 9845256270,
08276- 320617, 320618 email :

House on the Rock C/o Kurrunjjikad Hardship,
Arecad Post Via Siddapur, North Coorg - 571253,
Tel:091-9448117350, 91-8272-230048 Email-

H.C.Thimmaiah Jade Hills, Kaloor Road,
Galibeedu Village, Madikeri - 571201 Tel: 9880076737, 080-25262304. Email: Fax: 080 -23364292
Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Kavery Estate Kolakeri, Napoklu, Kodagu. Tel : 08272- 237270, Mobile:94487 21360
Note: Advance reservation before 10 days preferred.

Kaveri Home Stay Old Race Course Road,
House No.21/21, Block-14, Madikeri-571 201.
Tel. No. 08272 229130 Mobile: 94485 61525
Note: Prefer advanced booking 10 days prior

P. Roshni Nanjappa Kibbeil, Devanoor- Balele,
South Coorg- 571 219 Tel: 08274 272046 Mob : 9448829111 Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

LaEmilia 'Sugandhi Nilaya', Mission Compound,
Madikeri- 571 201. Tel: 08272 225789 Mob : 9886354241. Note: Advance reservation before 8 days preferred.

Maithili Home comforts College Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 229344, 9448422321 Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Malma Home Stay 'Seetha Nilaya', Convent Road, Madikeri Tel: 08272 - 229221, Mob: 9880573297, 9845314491 Email: Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred

Maracad Estate Hachinadu Village & Post, Ammathi Vontiangadi, South Coorg Tel: 08274 254090, 08272
200469, 9343202200 email : Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Misty Heights At Coorg Tel: 9341710368 / 9448504535 / 9448504368 / 08272-228008
At Bangalore Tel: 9448481810 / 080-23518810

Omkar Tourist House Murugesh, 69/20, Brahmins' Valley, Madikeri - 571 201 Tel: 08272 - 229249, Mob: 9845653574 Email :

Yelaneergundi Estate Shanivarsanthe Post, North Kodagu- 571 235 Mob: 9448083268, 9448208550.
Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

TATA Coffee Plantation Trails For reservation contact Reena Anil - 08272 - 222157, 9844096489

Passion Fruit Homestay "College View", 14B-45, Subramanya Nagara, (Near Mithri Police Community Hall) Madikeri-571201, Kodagu, Karnataka. Tel: 08272 224247 Mobile: 9448548533.

Planter's Camp Kirudale, Madapur Near Somwarpet, North Coorg Email: web:

Polaycad Estate Ammathi, Kodagu email : Tel: 08274 - 252240
Mob: 94486 06066

Prashanth Tourist Home Near Excel tyres (Near KSRTC Depot) Mysore Road, Mangaladevinagara
Madikeri - 575 201. Tel: 9448588085, 9945317223.

Priyadarshini Home Stay Near CFO Bungalow,
Gowda Samaj Road, Madikeri - 575 201 Tel : 08272 - 229203, Mob: 9986731431
Note: Prefer advance reservation before 7 days

Gundicoppa Estate Belur Village & Post, Somwarpet, North Coorg - 571 236 Tel: 8272- 282171, 9448482171, 9880129016
Bangalore (O) : Tel : 80 22211339, 9844198339,
9341888875 Email:

Rajahamsa Sathya & Balkees, Near BSNL, Race course Road, Madikeri, Kodagu Tel: 9448721252, 9886485274, Email:

Romi's Nature Paradise Badragola 'B' Estate, P. B. No. 4, Thithimathi Post Gonikoppal Mob: 9449129368, 08274 263704 email: Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Sharons Valley Home Stay Sharons Valley home stays, Abyathmangala Post, Via- Siddapur, S. Kodagu-571 253. Tel: 08274-267026 9448467028, 9448720574 Email:
Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Sri Lakshmi Near Excell Tyres, Devimandir extension, G.T. Road, Madikeri - 571 201 Tel: 08272 225223, Mob: 9448217104 Email: Note: Prefer advance reservation before 5 days

Stream Line Homestay Gowli Street, Madikeri - 571 201 Mob: 9844790791, 9886295252.
email :

Thurthi Farms Made P.O, Madikeri - 571201.
Tel : 08272- 236576, 9448895984, 09447403329.
web : Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

The Hacienda Green lands, Devanoor Post,
Balale- 571 219 Tel: 08274 272074 Mob: 9448680862 website :
Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Valley Dew Kodava Bane Plantation, Avandi Mukkodlu village, Hattihole Post, Kodagu. Tel: 08272- 233042 Mob :9880480001 email : Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Valley fair Brahmin's Valley, Madikeri - 571 201.
Tel: 08272- 221973, 08276-262410, Mob : 9448899527, 9448272410. email
Note: Advance reservation before 3 days preferred.

Victory Home Victory Estate, Athur, via Pollibetta 571 215 Tel: 08274- 279295, 299295 (O) Mob : 9448138390
Website : Note: Prefer advance reservation before 3 days

Vindhyas Kodagu District Tel: 08272-239145, 239305 Mob: 9880148160 Note: Prefer advance reservation before 3 days

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Tourist Places in Bangalore, Karnataka

Nandi Hills
Kere Thonnur
Brindavan Gardens
BR Hills
Male Mahadeshwara Betta
Dandeli Sanctuary
Kulgi Nature Camp
Shiroli Peak


Harangi Dam
Irpu Falls
Brahmagiri Sanctuary
Kaup Beach
St. Mary's Isles
Kollur Shri Mookambika
Kodachadri Hills

Shivgiri Trails
Kukke Subrahmanya
Someshwar Beach, Ullal
Surathkal Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach
Jog Falls
Netrani Island
Devanahalli Fort

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Tourist Places in Bangalore, Karnataka
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