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Coorg Kodagu is a district of Karnataka state in southern India . It is often called by the anglicised name of Coorg. It occupies about 4,100 km² in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. It had a population of 548,561 as of 2001, 13.74% of which is urbanised.

It is bordered by Dakshina Kannada to the northwest, Hassan District to the north, Mysore District to the east, Kannur District of Kerala state to the southwest and Wayanad district of Kerala to the south. The district headquarters is Madikeri .

Kodagu lies on the eastern slope of the Western Ghats . It is a hilly district; the lowest elevation is 900m above sea-level. The highest peak, Tadiandamol , has an altitude of 1,750m; Pushpagiri is 1,715m high. The principal river is the Kaveri River (Cauvery), which rises at Talakaveri on the eastern side of the Western Ghats, and with its tributaries drains the greater part of Kodagu. In the rainy season, particularly the southwest monsoon from June to the end of September, the rivers flow with violence and great rapidity. In July and August the rainfall is high, and the month of November is often showery. The yearly rainfall may exceed 4,000mm; in the dense jungle tract it reaches 3,000 to 3,800mm; in the bamboo district in the west it reaches from 1,500 to 2,500mm. Kodagu has an average temperature of about 15 °C, the extremes being 11 °C and 28 °C. The hottest season is in April and May.

The principal town and district capital is Madikeri or Mercara, with a population of around 30,000. Other significant towns are Virajpet (Viraranjendrapet), and Somwarpet . The district is divided into the three administrative talukas of Madikeri, Virajpet, and Somwarpet.

Much of the district is cultivated. Characteristic scenery has rice fields in valley bases, with plantation crops with tree cover in the surrounding hills. The most common plantations grow coffee (especially C. robusta although some parts of south Coorg grow C. arabica ); however many other crops are grown, including black pepper , para rubber , teak , and cocoa . In many regions there is still natural forest, especially the forest reserves in the south and east.

Kodagu is considered very rich in wildlife. The district has three wildlife sanctuaries: Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary , Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary , and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary , and one national park, Nagarahole or Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

The flora of the jungle includes Michelia champaca ( Champak ), Mesua ( Ironwood ), Diospyros ( Ebony and other species), Toona ciliata (Indian mahogany), Chickrassia tubularis (Redcedar), Calophyllum angustifolium (Poon spar), Canarium strictum (Black Dammar), Artocarpus , Dipterocarpus , Garcinia , Euonymus , Cinnamomum , Myristica , Vaccinium , Myrtaceae , Melastomataceae , Rubus (three species), and a rose . In the undergrowth are found cardamom , Areca , plantains , canes, wild Black pepper , tree and other ferns , and arums . In the forest of the less thickly-wooded bamboo country in the west of Kodagu the most common trees are the Dalbergia latifolia (Black wood), Pterocarpus marsupium (Kino tree), Terminalia tomentosa ( Matthi ), Lagerstroemia parviflora (Benteak), Anogeissus latifolia (Dindul), Bassia latifolia , Butea monosperma (Flame of the Forest, made infamous in colonial Indian history due to its association with the Battle of Plassey ), Nauclea parvifiora , and several species of Acacia , with which, in the eastern part of the district, Teak and Sandalwood occur. Among the fauna may be mentioned the Asian Elephant , Tiger , Leopard , Dhole , Gaur , Boar , and several species of deer . The area is rich in birdlife although they are threatened by hunting.

The population in 2001 was 545,322, increasing 11.64% from 1991 to 2001, and 5.75% from 1981 to 1991.

The people of the district are of a number of distinct ethnic or caste origins. Political and economic domination is with the Kodava community. Other communities include the Tulu , Are Bhase Gowda , Kodava Moplah , Malayali , Tamil , and other smaller communities.

The Kodava community numbers about 100,000 in the district, out of a total population of over 500,000. They are of unknown origin, and are ethnically distinct from the other people of the area.

The Yerava, or Ravula, live in Kodagu as well as in adjacent Kerala , where they are known as the Adiya. They are primarily Hindu agricultural workers. Among the other communities of Kodagu are the Heggades, cultivators from Malabar; the Ayiri, who constitute the artisan caste; the Medas, who are basket and mat-makers, and act as drummers at feasts; the Binepatta, originally wandering musicians from Malabar, now agriculturists; and the Kavadi, cultivators from Yedenalknad; all these groups speak Kodava Thak, and conform generally to Kodava customs and dress. Of the Tulu people, the Tuluva Gowdas , who live principally along in western Kodagu, are the most important; they speak Tulu and wear the Kodava ethnic dress during ceremonies. Devanga community is also a prominent community in Kodagu who were once part of the Kodagu Kings vast Army. Other castes and tribes are the Thiyas and Nairs (the warrior cast of kerala), immigrants from Kerala; the Vellala , who are Tamils ; and the Marathi . Of the Muslims the most numerous are the Moplahs , who emigrated from Kerala, and the Shaikhs.

The Kodavas are traditionally warriors and agriculturists. Most of their rituals, traditions, and festivities center around their agriculture and martial bearing. Originally most of their lives were spent in the fields, cultivating and harvesting, wars, hunting for food, and guarding their fields from destructive wild animals. It is in this context that weaponry has become an integral part of their culture, with an emotional and religious significance.

There are three main festivals; the Festival of Arms or Kailpoldhu, Kaveri Shankaramana, and the harvest thanksgiving at Puttari (puthari). These three festivals fall during the period of September to December.


Kailpold is celebrated on the 3rd of September. That is, on the 18th day after the sun enters the Sinha (Leo) Raasi. Kail means weapon or armory, and Pold means festival. The day signifies the completion of "nati" - meaning the transplantation of the rice (paddy) crop.

Normally, during the months in which the family is engaged in the fields, all weapons are deposited in the "Kanni Kombare" or the prayer room. The festival also signifies the day that men should prepare to guard their crop from wild boars and other animals. Hence, on the Kailpoldu day, the weapons are taken out of the Pooja room, cleaned and decorated with flowers. They are then kept in the "Nellakki Nadubade" - central hall of the house, the place of community worship.

All the members of the family have a bath and worship the weapons. Feasting and drinking follow. The eldest member of the family hands over a gun to the senior member of the family, signifying the commencement of the festivities. The whole family assembles in the "Mand" (open ground), where physical contests and sports, including shooting, are conducted. In the earlier days hunting and cooking of the wild animals was part of the celebration, but these days the shooting skills are tested by firing at a coconut tied on to the branch of a tall tree.

In earlier days, there were sports like grabbing a coconut from the hands of a group of 8-10 people (thenge porata), throwing a stone about the size of a cricket ball at a coconut from a distance of 10-15 paces (thenge eed), lifting a stone ball of about 30-40cm lying at one's feet and throwing it backwards over the shoulders, etc.

Kaveri Sankramana

This festival normally takes place in mid-October. It is associated with the river Kaveri , which flows through the district from its source at Talakaveri .

At a predetermined time, when the sun enters Tula Rasi (Tula sankramana,) a fountain from a small tank fills the bigger holy tank at Talakaveri. People throng in thousands to take a dip in this holy water. The water is collected in bottles and reaches every house in Kodagu, and this is called Theertha - holy water. This water is preserved in all Kodava houses, and a spoonful of this water is fed to the dying, in the belief that they will attain moksha (emancipation) and gain entry to heaven.

On this day, married women wearing new silk saris perform puja to a vegetable, usually a cucumber or a coconut, wrapped in a piece of red silk cloth and decorated with flowers and jewels, mainly 'Pathak' (Kodava Mangalasuthra), symbolizing the goddess Kaveri. This is called the Kanni Puje . Kanni means the goddess Parvati, who incarnated as Kaveri. Three sets of betel leaves and areca nut are kept in front of the goddess, with bunches of glass bangles. All the members of the family pray to the goddess by throwing rice and prostrating before the image. The elder members of the family ceremonially bless the younger. Then an older married woman draws water from the well and starts cooking. The menu of the day is dosa and vegetable curry ( usually pumpkin curry (kumbala kari) ) and payasa. Non-vegetarian food is not cooked on that day. This is the only festival wherein non-vegetarian food is not prepared.


Puttari means new rice, and is the rice harvest festival (also called huttari in adjacent Kannada-speaking country). This takes place in late November or early December. Celebrations and preparations for this festival start a week in advance.

On the Puttari day, the whole family assemble in their ain mane (the common family house) which is decorated with flowers and green mango and banana leaves. Specific foods are prepared: thambuttu, puttari, kari, and poli poli. Then the eldest member of the family hands a sickle to the head of the family, and one of the women leads a procession to the paddy fields, with a lit lamp in her hands. The path leading to the field is decorated. A gunshot is fired to mark the beginning of the harvest, with chanting of "Poli Poli Deva" (prosperity) by all the people present there. Then the symbolic harvesting of the crop begins. The rice is cut and stacked and tied in odd numbers, and is then carried home, to be offered to the gods there. The younger people then burst firecrackers and revel, symbolizing prosperity. Groups of youngsters then visit the neighboring houses and show off their dancing skills, and are given monetary gifts. A week later, this money is pooled and a community dinner of the entire village) is celebrated. All the family members gather for this meal. Dinner normally consists of meat dishes such as pork and fish curry. Alcoholic drinks are also served at such feasts.

P laces to See :-

The capital of Coorg formerly called Mercara, Madikeri is often known as the Scotland of India. It has enchanted millions of travellers with its misty hills, lush forests, coffee plantations and breath taking views. Also known for its lovely climate, Madikeri is a world record holder for the cardamom crop.

Famous for being the largest producer of honey in south east Asia, though most come here for the Padi Igutappa temple. This is Coorg's most important temple and the presiding deity of the Puthari Festival. Built as a hunting lodge, the Nalnad Palace is used as a kiddies' camp, though no one will really mind you pottering around. You could also visit the honey farms.
Getting There
Bus & Taxi: There are daily buses that do it in about 90 minutes. You could also catch yourself a bus from Napoklu.

Omkareshwara Temple
With a dome in the middle of a square lake and minarets at each corner, this is a catholic mix of Keralite, Gothic and Islamic architectural styles. Built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra.

Cauvery Nisargadhama
A great place to cuddle up for the night. This 2.5 sq. km. large island in the middle of the River Cauvery, is some place to romance.

Bhagamandala & Telecauvery
At the convergence of the rivers Cauvery, the underground Sujyothi and the Kanike, the Bhangandeshwara temple here has a distinct Kerala touch. Because of the three rivers, it is also called Triveni Sangama. The serene temple has intricate carvings and a copper roof. A dip at the Triveni Sangam nearby is supposed to revive sagging spirits, but take prior permission at the temple.
Every October 17, on Tulasankranama, thousands come here to swim and pray. For this is Telecauvery (meaning Head of the Cauvery), the origin of one of the seven sacred rivers. The source of this long river, which passes through two states, is on the top of the hill called Brahmagiri. It is 1535 metres above sea level. Steps lead up to the Brahmagiri peak, from where a panoramic view of Kodagu meets the visitor.
Getting There
Bus & Taxi: Buses leave Madikeri every hour, and take about 90 minutes to reach. The ride is very scenic.

Nagarhole National Park
Though the name literally means Snake River in Kannada, there aren't too many snakes around. Created from a former raja's hunting grounds, Nagarahole is one of the best game sanctuaries in South India, providing a natural living conditions to several wild animals like elephants, tigers, panthers, rhinos and wild elephants, but one is more likely to see smaller game like gaur, deer, wild dogs and langur. Pleasantly cool round the year, it is a little difficult to reach, which makes it quieter than other parks. This in turn makes it a great place to relax. Jungle safaris are available as elephant rides. 
Getting There
Bus & Taxi: Direct dailies from Mysore and Madikeri. You could also take a bus to Gonikoppal from either of these places, take another to Kutta, and finally hire a jeep.

Irpu Falls
This is more a hike than a holiday (there are people like us out there who take these differences very seriously). You could begin from behind the Rameshwarna temple, and relax at a refreshing pond halfway up the falls. Then, if you are some strange sort of enthusiastic trekker and have some spare RBC (the leeches demand that), carry on to the top.
Getting There
Bus & Taxi: Direct buses leave Madikeri every couple of hours. You could also catch a bus from Gonikoppal. There are more of those from there.

Abbi Falls
Just 7 kilometers from Madikeri town are the Abbi Falls, as remarkable and striking a sight as you would see anywhere. The narrow road to Abbi Falls is a combination of steep ups and downs, twists and turns, wriggling through the green and dense foliage of surrounding coffee plantations. Situated on private property, a narrow pathway leads you downward to where the waterfall can be seen.
As various streams congregate in the mountains above, they swell with the monsoon rains and force their way down the mountain slope. Splashing hard against the huge boulders of rock, unmindful of the crevices and hollows, the water drops at enormous speed accompanied by gushing sounds. This white wall of water creates a misty cloud with its moisture-like spray and descends into a flowing stream to perhaps join with the River Cauvery somewhere in the vicinity.

If you can get off to an early start and if the sky is beautiful with the clouds, take the road to Somwarpet. This 42-kilometer, one-and-half hour drive will surely perk you up. This is the coffee heartland of Coorg. You will pass through some of the finest coffee estates you will ever see. Magnificent trees reaching up to the skies, casting much wanted masses of shade to the coffee plants. It's one great spread of continuous foliage very gloriously prepared in an extraordinary operation by Nature. Mingled with cardamom and pepper as well. Big, medium or small, they add to the already beautiful and fabulous landscape all around.
Besides being the hub of coffee activity, Somwarpet's other claim to fame is the Basappa Club. Like the cold stone-walls of taverns where sailors and ship mates would gather to make merry, drink, talk and pick up some gossip, the Basappa Club is frequented by the medium and small gentlemen coffee planters, who meet here to unwind. Except that out here, there are no cold, stonewalls. Instead, one can have a game of Table Tennis or Snooker in this small, but compact club. And there's plenty of gossip to be picked up, as well.

Apart from the popular sight seeing places, Kodagu district has a whole lot of Trekking Tracks for those who seek adventure in the wild.

Virajpet (32km)
Virajper is a small town, which is reputed to be the largest producer of honey in Asia. Iruppu Falls is 48km from here on the Nagarhole road. Close to the Lakshmana Theertha river, the Sri Rameshwara Temple, believed to have been dedicated to Lord Shiva by Lord Rama himself, is a place of pilgrimage. It is a favourite haunt of picnickers and pilgrims, especially during the Shivaratri festival.

Dubare Forest
15km from Kushalnagar. The reserve forest is famed for its amazing variety of avian fauna, an elephant training camp and angling possibilities on the Cauvery.
Contact the Forestry Office in Madikeri.
Tel: 08272-225708

Harangi Dam (38km)
Situated in North Kodagu, this dam is a beautiful reservoir, ideal for a weekend holiday.

For those who have a head for heights, Tadiyendamol, the tallest peak in Kodagu, is a paradise. On a clear day you can view the distant Arabian Sea and the enchanting beauty of the whole of Kodagu from here. Situated in the heart of the Tadiyendamol range, in the village of Yavakapadi, Naalkunaadu Palace was constructed by Dodda Raja Veerendra, the king of Kodagu, in 1792. The palace, with its 12 magnificent pillars and walls adorned with beautiful carvings, tell many a tale of yore. It is now being used as a camping site for trekkers. Kakkabe, a small town 35km from Madikere, gives access to the highest peak in Kodagu. Nearby Padi Iggutappa is the most important temple in Kodagu.

Golf Courses
Two of the best golf courses in Kodagu can be found at Pollibetta and Madikeri. Madikeri has a smooth 9-hole golf course spread amidst quiet and pastoral surroundings. Polibetta in South Kodagu also has a 9-hole golf course.

Valnur Fishing Camp
Located near Kushalnagar on the banks of the river Cauvery is the Valnur Fishing Camp, where avid fishing enthusiasts can indulge in the luxury of angling for mahseer. Fishing permits can be obtained from the Coorg Wildlife Society. Valnur is also a haven for birdwatchers, with innumerable avian species to be spotted and identified.

Distance:- 250 km from Bangalore
Air:- The nearest airport are Mangalore (135 kms) and Bangalore (260 kms).
By Rail: - The nearest railheads are at Mysore, Mangalore and Hassan (146 kilometers).
By Road: -

From Bangalore, there are two routes to Coorg. Both routes are almost the same distance (around 250-260 kilometers).
The route via Mysore, is the oft-frequented route. The stretch after Hunsur is scenic and the drive through the coffee plantations is absorbing.
The other route is via Neelamangal, Kunigal, Chanrayapatna, all of which are located on the National highway. After Chanrayanapatna, the state highway route takes you to your destination

Bus: The  bus service in Madikeri has connections to almost every place in Coorg, except Kushalnagar, for which you have to hop onto a bus to Bangalore. Alternatively, there are regular buses to Mysore, Mangalore, Hassan, Chikmagalur, Shimoga.

When to go:- Cool climate around the year Dec - Feb
Tourist offices:- KSTDC(bookings and info) Badami House, NR Square, Bangalore Tel: 080-2275869, Fax: 2352626 Email:
Where to stay :- Dubare Elephant Camp
Dubare, Kodagu,
Tel: 91-08272200651 / 200653,
94495 99755
Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs. 1900 per head

Club Mahindra Kodagu Valley
Galibeedu Road, Kalakeri Nidugane Village,
Madkeri, Coorg - 571204
Tel : 91-08272-221114
Fax : 91-8272-221882
Tariff Range: Rs. 5040 to Rs. 6500

Orange County Resort
Karadigodu Post, Siddapur,
Kodagu - 571 253
Tel: 08274-258481-84
Fax: 08274-258485
Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs. 10,000/- to Rs.21,000/-

Hotel Coorg International
Convent Road, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-229390, 228071, 272
Fax: 08272-280730
Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs.2900/- to Rs. 5000/-

Capitol Village
5th Cross, Chettahalli Siddapur Road,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-225929, 75
Tariff Range: Rs. 1250/- to Rs. 2000/-

Hari-Ma Retreat
P.B. No. 63 Hari- Ma Estate,
Sunticoppa N. Kodagu -571 237
Ph: 08276 - 260297
Mob: 9448676967
Note: Advance reservation before 8 days preferred.

Hill Town Hotel
Daswal Road,
Behind J D Hospital,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-223801-05
Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs. 250/- to Rs. 1500/-

Hotel Rajdarshan
No. 8/13,
M G Road,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-229142, 228823
Fax: 08272-228367
Web site:
Tariff Range: Rs. 950/- to Rs. 1350/-

KSTDC Mayura Valley View
Raja's Seat, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-228387
Tariff Range: Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1250/-

Hotel Sangam & Sri Brahmagiri Comfort
Deluxe Lodge
Near Lower Kodava Samaj,
Behind Janata Bazaar,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-224867, 225866, 67
Fax: 08272-225866
Tariff Range: Rs. 750/- to Rs. 1050/-

Hotel Cauvery
School Road, Madikeri,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-225492
Fax: 08272-225735
Tariff Range: Rs. 250/- to Rs. 550/-

Honey Valley Estate
Yavakapady Village,
Kodagu - 571 212
Tel: 08272-238339
Website: www.momentum.freeserve
honeyvalley/ home.htm
Tariff Range: Rs. 2000/- to Rs.2500/-

Rain Forest Retreat
P. B. No. 101,
Kodagu - 571 201
Tel: 08272-265636, 265638
Fax: 08272-265636
Tariff Range: Rs. 2000/- above

Alath-Cad Estate Bunglow
P. B. No. 7,
Kodagu - 571 211
Tel: 08274-252190
Fax: 08274-452589
Mobile: 9449617665
Web site:
Tariff: Rs. 2000/-above per couple on
bed & breakfast basis.

Sand Banks
P. B. No. 30,
Polaycad Estate,
Ammathi Post,
Kodagu - 571 211
Tel : 08274-252130
Tariff: Rs. 1750/- to Rs. 2000/-

Palace Estate
Kodagu - 571 212
Tel: 08272-238446
Tariff Range: Rs.1000/- to Rs.1500/-?

Pearl Garden
P. B. No. 60,
Kodagu - 571 250
Tel: 08274-244233
Tariff: Rs. 750/- per couple

Chilligeri Estate
Manchally Village,
P. B. No. 167,
Kodagu - 571 250
Tariff: Double bed Rs.
Single bed Rs. 750/-

Sylvan Cottage
Muthar Mudi Village,
Murnud Post,
Kodagu - 571 252
Tariff: Rs. 500/-

Ramcad Guest House
Near Iruppu Temple,
Kodagu - 571217
Tel: 08274-244982, 244519
Tariff: Rs. 450/- per couple

Ganapathy Road,
Kodagu - 571 213
Tel: 08274-247697, 248193
Tariff Range: Rs. 150/- to Rs. 450/-

# 26,
Gowli Street,
Tel: 08272-228509,
Mob: 9448043032.

Angel's Nest
Laxmipur Estate, Maldare Post,
Tel: 08274 - 259734.
Note : Advance reservation before
3days preferred.

Alpen Glow
"Chirantana", convent junction,
Madikeri, Bangalore -71201
Ananth or Jayashree at ;
Tel: 98445 76429 , 94480 48875

Baby Estate
P.O. Box No. 15,
K. Chettalli - 571 248
Tel: 08276- 266820
Mob: 98452 70930, 98459 20536
Email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3days preferred.

Bright Spot
Maldare Post, Via Siddapur,
S. Kodagu, Karnataka
Tel: 08274 259650, 259778,
Mob: 9448208242.
Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Cauvery Home Stay
Mangalore Road, Thalathmane,
Madikeri - 571 201.
Telephone No. : 08272 - 200228
Mob : 9448504578, 9845592064

Cauvery Home Stay (Irpu)
Kurchi Village & Post,
Irupu, S. Kodagu
Telephone No. : 08274 201092
Mob: 9980622983
Note: Advance reservation before 4 days preferred.

Chirpy Haven
'Sri Ganapathy',
Near Sudarshan Guest House,
Madikeri - 571 201
Tel: 08272 - 225493, 9880146792
email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Coffee Country
Palace Road,
Kakkabe, Via Napoklu,
Madikeri Tq.
Tel:08272 - 238330, 238625.
Mob: 9448587878, 9449555078.

Coorg Dale
Ammangala Estate,
Valnoor Post, Via Kushalnagar
Tel:08276 - 267496
Mob: 9449747696,9880466496
email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Coorg Trekkers Paradise
Near Rajaseat, Madikeri
Tel: 08272- 229318, 225498,
Mob: 9945310233, 9449982959
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Coorg Wood Side
Leena Prakash, Wood side,
Kattemadu Village & Post,
Via Maragodu
Tel: 08272- 241683, 9449339286

Dhyan's Den
Subramania Estate,
Madikeri - 571 201
Telephone No. : 08272 - 229837
Mob: 9880119007, 9980106123
email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 to 4 days preferred.

Dubare Inn Resort
Nanjarayapatna Post,
Kushalnagar- 571 234
Tel: 08276 - 267855, 321149,
Mob: 9448005724, 9448742332.
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Eshwari Cottage
Mangalore Road,
Madikeri - 571 201.
Telephone No. : 08272 221015,
Email :

Euro Valley
Katakeri Village, Made Post,
Madikeri .
Tel: 08272 - 236728,
Mob : 9448504653.
Email :

1st Block,
Behind K.S.R.T.C. Bus Stand,
Indira Extension,
Kushalnagar - 571 234
Tel: 08276 272950
Mob: 9845959838, 9880589784,
Note: Reservation before 2 days earlier.

Forest Flower
Nani Estate,
Horoor Post,
Tel: 08272- 200451,9448433128
e-mail : info @ forest_flower. com
web site:
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Ganesh Estate Stay
Murnad Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 225875, 222926,
Mob: 9242170342.
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Near Housing Board,
Mysore Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 223782, 229106,
224322, 225926,
Mob: 9448005642, 9448017670,
email: naveen

Garden Villa
Garden Villa Homestay,
'Gouri land' Abyathmangala Village,
Tel: 08274 258339
Mob: 9880740769
Note: Advance reservation before 6 days preferred.

Green Field Stay Home,
Tel: 08274 - 257460,
Mob: 9448896030, 9242619127
Note: Advance reservation before
7 days preferred.

Green Cove Thriveni
Block No.11B, New Extension,
Madikeri-571 201
Tel: 08272 223180
Mob: 9448648482

Halli Mane
Koodlur- Kushalnagar,
Somwarpet Taluk, Kodagu
Tel: 9449078126, 9845256270,
08276- 320617, 320618
email :

House on the Rock
C/o Kurrunjjikad Hardship,
Arecad Post Via Siddapur,
North Coorg - 571253,
Tel:091-9448117350, 91-8272-230048

Jade Hills, Kaloor Road,
Galibeedu Village,
Madikeri - 571201
Tel: 9880076737, 080-25262304.
Fax: 080 -23364292
Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Kavery Estate
Kolakeri, Napoklu, Kodagu.
Tel : 08272- 237270,
Mobile:94487 21360
Note: Advance reservation before 10 days preferred.

Kaveri Home Stay
Old Race Course Road,
House No.21/21, Block-14,
Madikeri-571 201.
Tel. No. 08272 229130
Mobile: 94485 61525
Note: Prefer advanced booking
10 days prior

P. Roshni Nanjappa
Kibbeil, Devanoor- Balele,
South Coorg- 571 219
Tel: 08274 272046
Mob : 9448829111
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

'Sugandhi Nilaya', Mission Compound,
Madikeri- 571 201.
Tel: 08272 225789
Mob : 9886354241.
Note: Advance reservation before 8 days preferred.

Maithili Home comforts
College Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 229344, 9448422321
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Malma Home Stay
'Seetha Nilaya',
Convent Road, Madikeri
Tel: 08272 - 229221,
Mob: 9880573297, 9845314491
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred

Maracad Estate
Hachinadu Village & Post,
Ammathi Vontiangadi,
South Coorg
Tel: 08274 254090, 08272
200469, 9343202200
email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Misty Heights At Coorg
Tel: 9341710368 / 9448504535 /
9448504368 / 08272-228008
At Bangalore
Tel: 9448481810 / 080-23518810

Omkar Tourist House
Murugesh, 69/20, Brahmins' Valley,
Madikeri - 571 201
Tel: 08272 - 229249,
Mob: 9845653574
Email :

Yelaneergundi Estate
Shanivarsanthe Post,
North Kodagu- 571 235
Mob: 9448083268, 9448208550.
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

TATA Coffee Plantation Trails
For reservation contact
Reena Anil - 08272 - 222157, 9844096489

Passion Fruit Homestay
"College View",
14B-45, Subramanya Nagara,
(Near Mithri Police Community Hall)
Kodagu, Karnataka.
Tel: 08272 224247
Mobile: 9448548533.

Planter's Camp
Near Somwarpet,
North Coorg

Polaycad Estate
Ammathi, Kodagu
email :
Tel: 08274 - 252240
Mob: 94486 06066

Prashanth Tourist Home
Near Excel tyres (Near KSRTC Depot)
Mysore Road, Mangaladevinagara
Madikeri - 575 201.
Tel: 9448588085, 9945317223.

Priyadarshini Home Stay
Near CFO Bungalow,
Gowda Samaj Road,
Madikeri - 575 201
Tel : 08272 - 229203,
Mob: 9986731431
Note: Prefer advance reservation before 7 days

Gundicoppa Estate
Belur Village & Post, Somwarpet,
North Coorg - 571 236
Tel: 8272- 282171, 9448482171,
Bangalore (O) :
Tel : 80 22211339, 9844198339,

Sathya & Balkees,
Near BSNL, Race course Road,
Madikeri, Kodagu
Tel: 9448721252, 9886485274,

Romi's Nature Paradise
Badragola 'B' Estate, P. B. No. 4,
Thithimathi Post Gonikoppal
Mob: 9449129368, 08274 263704
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Sharons Valley Home Stay
Sharons Valley home stays,
Abyathmangala Post,
Via- Siddapur, S. Kodagu-571 253.
Tel: 08274-267026 9448467028, 9448720574
Note: Advance reservation before 5 days preferred.

Sri Lakshmi
Near Excell Tyres,
Devimandir extension,
G.T. Road,
Madikeri - 571 201
Tel: 08272 225223,
Mob: 9448217104
Note: Prefer advance reservation before
5 days

Stream Line Homestay
Gowli Street,
Madikeri - 571 201
Mob: 9844790791, 9886295252.
email :

Thurthi Farms
Made P.O,
Madikeri - 571201.
Tel : 08272- 236576,
9448895984, 09447403329.
web :
Note: Advance reservation before
5 days preferred.

The Hacienda
Green lands,
Devanoor Post,
Balale- 571 219
Tel: 08274 272074
Mob: 9448680862
website :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Valley Dew
Kodava Bane Plantation,
Avandi Mukkodlu village,
Hattihole Post, Kodagu.
Tel: 08272- 233042
Mob :9880480001
email :
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Valley fair
Brahmin's Valley,
Madikeri - 571 201.
Tel: 08272- 221973, 08276-262410,
Mob : 9448899527, 9448272410.
Note: Advance reservation before
3 days preferred.

Victory Home
Victory Estate,
via Pollibetta 571 215
Tel: 08274- 279295, 299295 (O)
Mob : 9448138390
Website :
Note: Prefer advance reservation before
3 days

Kodagu District
Tel: 08272-239145, 239305
Mob: 9880148160
Note: Prefer advance reservation before
3 days

Wild Cat Ranch
Biligeri Village & Post,
Madikeri - 571 201.
Kodagu District
Tel: 08272-227260, 320344.
Mobile : 94484 22442
Email :
Note: Prefer advance reservation before
3 days.

Unit of Shabari Agro farms & Consultants,
Kaloor Road,
Madikeri - 571 201
Tel: 08272- 265671, 651297,
94492 92622, 98453 41359
Note: Prefer advance reservation before
3 days

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