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Kodagu District

Coorg is a small state situated on the Western Mountain region of Southern India . It has an area of 1595 square miles with a population of 350,000. When India became independent in 1947, Kodagu (Coorg) also became a free land.  In 1950 as per the new Indian Constitution, Coorg became a state. In 1956 a state reorganization took place. Coorg was merged with Karnataka and became a district in Karnataka, which it remains till today. It has 3 taluks or districts, Madikeri, Somavarapete and Veerajapete. Madikeri is also the district headquarters of Coorg. More »

Tourist attractions

Most popular among Tourist attractions in Coorg Karnataka are:

Madikeri Fort - Located at the heart of Madikeri, this 19th century Fort offers an enchanting view of the entire town. The small museum within the fort displays historical paintings and memorabilia of the ancient kings. It is one of the most significant among the tourist attractions in Coorg and should not be missed out on a tour of Coorg. It was formerly built of mud and later on replaced by a concrete stone by Tipu Sultan. The palace of the Lingayat rulers is located inside the fort walls. It is an imposing fort and hardly there is any other fort that matches its grandeur.

Gaddige - Raja's Tomb: (Rajas' tombs): Gaddige or the tombs of Virarajendra and Lingarajendra at Madikeri is one of the important monuments of Coorg. It is located in the north of Mahadevpet in Madikeri city. The royal tombs on a hillock to the north of Madikeri provides a spectacular view of the town. Lingarajendra's tomb was built in 1820.

Gaddige Tomb: There are also the tombs of a Raja's priest and that of two army commanders. A commemorative plaque, eulogizing the bravery of General Biddanda Bopu who fought Tipu Sultan has been recorded by Dodda Veerarajendra in an inscription. The tombs are in the style of Muhammadan edifices with domes in the center and turrets at the angles.

Sri Omkareshwara Temple - An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Omkareshwara was built in 1820 in a unique architectural style that is a fine blend of Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture.

Abbey Falls - Formerly known as Jessey Falls , this beautiful waterfall lies about 5 km from Coorg. Located at a distance of 8 km from Madikeri, the charming Abbey Falls is a perfect place for picnics. It is advised that the tourists should make their own arrangements to reach this place before they embark on a tour. It is one of the finest among the tourist attractions in Coorg and should not be missed out at any cost.

Raja's Seat - One of the hottest tourist attractions in Coorg Karnataka, Raja's Seat is the point from where the ancient Kings of Kodagu viewed some unforgettable scenes of the setting sun. It is an ideal place to explore the exquisiteness of Coorg and was one of the most favorite spots of the Raja's for enjoying the panoramic beauty of sweep of the mist-covered blue hills and valleys with green fields. It is this place where the kings used to relish the sunset and beauty of Coorg every evening. Nowadays, it has been developed into a public garden and is frequented by large number of tourists. If you have come away to enjoy the natural beauty in Coorg, come to Raja's Seat, a favourite spot of the kings from where one can see the sweep of the mist-covered blue hills and valleys with green fields. The kings used to sit here every evening enjoying the sunset and beauty of Coorg. Today, the area around Raja's Seat has been developed into a public garden.

Bhagamandala - Located about 30 km from Coorg - at the confluence of River Cauvery with rivers Sujyothi and Kannike - Bhagamandala is known as the temple town of the region.

Central Orange and Coffee Research Station - This research center is located on the Madikeri-Siddapur-Virajpet road, about 24 km from Madikeri - the district headquarters of Coorg. The best time to visit the center is during March and April when it is coffee blossom time in Coorg.

Nagarhole National Park - Spread over 640 sq km of undulating landscape on the Brahmagiri hills, Nagerhole is replete with thick tropical forests, grassy swamps and rivers. The rich and diverse wildlife makes the park an ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts.

Talacauvery - Located 47 km from Madikeri and 9 km from Bhagamandala, Talacauvery stands about 145.7 meters above sea level, and is the source of the River Cauvery.

Valanoor - lying about 30 km from Madikeri, Valanoor at the backwaters of the River Cauvery is among the most beautiful angling sites in Karnataka. Types of fish found here include Masheer, Maral and Mapp.

Harangi Dam - A beautiful picnic spot located about 36 km from Madikeri, and an ideal place to visit on Coorg Weekend Getaways.

Kaveri Nisargadhama - Towards Madikeri, just 3 k.m. away from Kushalnagar lies the beautiful tourist centre of Kodagu i.e., Kaveri Nisargadhama. River Kaveri splits forming a beautiful island measuring 65 acres. This tourist centre is developed by the forest department by providing a hanging bridge into the island, Boating, tree top shelters and elephant riding and other tourists attractions. The forest department has constructed nine beautiful cottages for tourists to dwell in.

Kushalnagar Kushalnagar, which bridges Kodagu and Mysore districts, is an important commercial centre of Kodagu. It's nearness to Hassan and Mysore districts and favourable climate has contributed to its commercial development. Most of the coffee curing works are pooled in and around Kushalnagar.

Kushalnagar which is situated 34 Kms. from Madikeri is one of the attractive tourist centres of Kodagu. The rehabilitation centre for Tibetan refugees, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Dubare forest, Harangi Dam are the main tourist attractions.

Padi Igguthappa Temple The Padi Igguthappa temple resembles the temples of Kerala in style. This temple governs important role in the traditional and cultural life of Kodagu. Very little information is available regarding the history of this temple. In 1810 Lingarajendra captured eight tigers and killed, thirty four elephants in the surroundings of this temple. To symbolise this culture he donated a silver elephant to this temple. According to scripts available Apparanda Bopu a Dewan of Halarie rulers renovated this temple between 1834- 35.

How to Reach Padi Igguthappa temple is just 45 kms from Madikeri. Private buses are available from Madikeri, Napoklu and Virajpet.

Dubare Island & Chiklihole Dam Dubare is a natural island formed by river Kaveri, near Kushalnagar. It is a cool picnic spot. Elephants belonging to the forest department are trained here. One can enjoy fishing here with the pre-permission from the Coorg Wildlife Society - Madikeri.

The Chiklihole reservoir on the tributary of river Kaveri is also a wonderful picnic spot.

How to Reach Hire a taxi from Kushalnagar, Suntikoppa or Siddapur since this places are not connected by puiblic transport system.
* Take precautions while swimming in these places.
* Carry your food since there are no shops nearby.

Harangi Harangi dam is built across the tributary of river Kaveri near Kushalnagar. This dam with a height of 47 mts. and 846 mts. length, is an important picnic spot. One can acess its beauty when the reservoir is fully filled with water during August to September. Guest house facility are also available on reservation from the public works department

Ideal Season: August to October

How to Reach Private buses operates between Kushalnagar and Somwarpet via Harangi.


To See & Do With a landscape not tarnished by Coca-Cola signboards, Kakkabe is nature's laboratory. It can transform a boring natural science class into an exciting practical tour. It offers interactive modules on the formation of clouds, the manufacture of honey, and the process of cross-pollination with waterfalls, gurgling streams and treks as your break periods. The heavy rainforest cover gives the region a rich bounty of rare orchids, plants and birds. Scenic treks take you to Mallamma Betta, Soma Male and Kabbe Pass , from where you can spy sun-kissed clouds caressing Kerala's hills. However, the prize catch is undoubtedly Thadiyendamol.

Thadiyendamol There's something awe-inspiring about the name itself. Derived from Malayalam to loosely mean? I'm the Tallest (thadi means broad, yenda is mine and mol is high), Thadiyendamol, at 5,730 ft, is the highest peak in Coorg and the second highest in Karnataka after Mullaiyanagiri in the Baba Budan Range . Thadiyendamol lures trekkers with the promise of a glimpse of the coastline on a clear day. For the most part the trek is gentle, but the last quarter is a steep climb. The 21/2-hr climb one-way from Palace Estate is shorter, but the longer 31/2-hr climb from Honey Valley passes through thick rainforest and more scenic terrain. Igguthappa Temple Whoever said there's no such thing as a free lunch, has obviously not been to the Igguthappa Temple (Tel: 08272-238400). Not only are you handed prasad on a platter, you are given a three-course meal of payasam, rice and two types of sambar with wild mango pickle to boot. Worshipped as one who gives grain (iggu is Kodava for grain, thappa means to give), Igguthappa is the de facto rain god. Such are his powers that he has expanded his portfolio to include any wish that you ask for an engineering degree, a child, or the girl of your dreams! Thousands gather for the Kaliyarchi Festival in March when the god is taken on a procession to the top of Mallama Betta and reinstalled in the temple, followed by various ceremonial dances. The official date of the harvest festival Huthri is also determined here. The temple is 21/2 km from the jeep stand at Kakkabe. Get onto the road to Madikeri. Take a left under the arch. After a kilometre, take a right to the temple that passes through the arch. Timings 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Puja timings 11.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Nalnad Palace Built in 1792 by Doddaveeraraja, Nalnad Palace served as the royal hunting lodge and summer home of the Kodava kings. Since there were four villages in the vicinity, the place was called Nal-nadu, a Kodava word which over time got shortened to Nalnad. Call it what you will, a palace it isn't. A double-storey structure with a conical roof, the decrepit building has intricate wooden friezes and wall murals. The local Kapala tribals were brought here by the king from Kerala they are originally believed to be from Ethiopia to look after (pala) the palace. Located on the road to Virajpet, 31/2 km from Kakkabe, the palace is quite neglected, with just a caretaker to look after it. He'll let you into the palace. Entry is free.

Rock-climbing and Treks A 1-hr walk to Nilakandi Waterfall, 3 km away, is one of the shorter treks. Apart from barking deer, pangolin, flying squirrel, it's a good place to spot the honey-loving South Indian marten. There are many other routes of varying difficulty. Suresh Chengappa of Honey Valley has marked out 28 of them. Palace Estate has the ideal terrain for trekking, streams and a 50-ft waterfall. Experienced guides are available.

Places nearest to Kakkabe

Karada   (11 km) Karada, on the way back to Virajpet, is a town you can easily overshoot. Blame the scenic drive, the hypnotic winding road and the tiny cluster of shops to the right that do little to announce its presence. The turn through a temple arch on your left takes you 1 km inside to what is considered the best ain mane (ancestral home) in Coorg. You might get a closer glimpse if you are polite to its owners, the Nadikeriyendas. Further up there's a fork in the road. The right turn winds past an Ishwara Temple (5 km from the ain mane). A range of peaks lie stacked up on one side and on the other, an uninterrupted view right up till Madikeri and Kotte betta.

Kadanga   (16 km) If you are an avid birdwatcher, or if you want to unearth the mysteries of Coorg, you must meet Sheroo Subbiah at Kadanga, who identifies birds not by sight but by their call. He built the first pulley in Coorg. As he sips coffee, he observes, The clouds are dipping over Soma Male, it's going to rain. His Ananda Estate (Tel: 08274-469345; Tariff: Rs 1,000-1,500), which offers a room to stay and home-cooked food, is in Arapattu, a short way off the Virajpet-Kakkabe Road, 2 km from Kadanga. Turn right opposite the Nalnad Palace to make your way to this beautiful estate by a rivulet. Apart from birdwatching and trekking to Kabbe Pass , you can swim and angle in the rivulet.


Rameshwara Temple

Rameshwara temple, on the banks of the Lakshman Tirtha river, with main deity as Lord Shiva, is religiously important temple near Nagarhole. According to Hindu mythology, Rama and Lakshmana passed along the Bhramagiri range while searching for Rama's beloved wife, Sitadevi. When Rama asked Lakshmana to fetch him drinking water, Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills and brought into being the river Lakshmana Tirtha.

This temple attracts a large number of pilgrims during the festival of Shivaratri. The temple is believed to possess the power to cleanse sins of those who visit this sacred place.

Irpu Falls

The Irpu Falls , also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls , are located in the Bhramagiri Range and is a fresh waterfall 60 m high. Amidst thriving green Western Ghats , Irupu falls is a major tourist attraction as well as a pilgrim spot. The river Lakshmana-tirtha flows nearby and it joins the Kaveri River at a later part.

Originating from the Brahmagiri Range , the river Lakshmana Theertha plungess down from a height of 170 ft. forming the Iruppu Water falls. It creates a ceaseless thunder amidst the silence of the thick wood in two stages. It is located 50kms from the NagarahoLe National Park and about 50kms from Madikeri, South Karnataka about 300kms for Bangalore . The other places of interest nearby are Brahmagiri peak, a place called pakshi-pataLa (Brahmagiri Wild life Santuary)

This waterfall is also known as LakshmaNa teertha falls. En route to the Iruppu Falls in Karnataka you will come across the Rameshwara Temple , serene among the vibrant nature. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims during Shivaratri. Nearest town for all amenities will be Srimangala.


Somwarpet is the coffee heartland of Coorg. It has some of the finest coffee estates you will ever see. Magnificent trees reaching up to the skies, casting much wanted masses of shade to the coffee plants. It's one great spread of continuous foliage very gloriously prepared in an extraordinary operation by Nature. Mingled with cardamom and pepper as well. Big, medium or small, they add to the already beautiful and fabulous landscape all around.

Apart from plantation Somwarpet has some tourist spots to cater for those travellers who wants to chillout and get lost in the beauty of nature.

Mallalli Falls is situated around 25 km from Somwarpet. The exact location of Mallali falls is in Bettadahalli Gram Panchayat in Somwarpet taluk. It is an eye feasting sight of river Kumaradhara gushing through the valley and falling into a gorge, with lush green mountains around.

Pushpagiri is around 30 km from Somwarpet towards Kukke Subramanya. This place is a frest for trekkers who want to experience the wilderness of western ghat. Home for different kinds of wild species like elephants, deers, wild cats etc.

Honnamana Kere is a holy and tourist place located in Daddamalthe near Sulimalthe village 6 km away from Somwarpet town. The lake (See picture) is surrounded by beautiful landscape including Coffee estates and Cliffs. Special pooja is offered to the Goddess Honnamma on the Gowri festival every year. Thousands of devotees come to this sacred place on this day and offers pooja to the Goddess Honnamma followed by climbing the cliff. 'Bagina' which consists of sacred belongings of the Goddess is left in the lake. A new temple was built several years back with the aim to improve the place and offer better facilities to the devotees, this was possible by the financial assistance of the people living in the surrounding villages.

Beelur Golf Club is located 8 km from Somwarpet town and it is one of the oldest club in the town. The lush green golf ground attracts may movie makers.

Virajpet (32km)

Virajper is a small town, which is reputed to be the largest producer of honey in Asia . Iruppu Falls is 48km from here on the Nagarhole road. Close to the Lakshmana Theertha river, the Sri Rameshwara Temple , believed to have been dedicated to Lord Shiva by Lord Rama himself, is a place of pilgrimage. It is a favourite haunt of picnickers and pilgrims, especially during the Shivaratri festival.

Some of the tourist attractions in and around Virajpet are the Ayyappa temple halfway up and the Shiva temple at the top of the Malethirike hill, a semispherical hill at Kakotuparambu which is about 8 km from Virajpet, St. Anne's church, the clock tower (pictured), Tadiandamol (the highest mountain in Kodagu) and the Igguthappa (local deity) temple, both in Kakkabe about 15 km from Virajpet.

Wild life

Nagarahole National Park ( Rajiv Ghandi National park )

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Fact File

Population :

5 Lakhs

Area :

4102 miles

Taluks :

3(Madikeri, Virajapet, Somwarpet)

Dist. Head Quarters :


Sea Level :

5000 ft.

Temperature :

min. 7°C. max. 32°C.

Main Crops :

Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Orange , Paddy & Anthurium flower

Main Rivers :

Cauvery, Lakshmanathirtha

Average Rain Fall :

2725 mm.

Nearest Railway Stations :

Mysore , Tellicherry, Mangalore, Hassan

Nearest Airport :

Mangalore, Mysore

Railway Reservation Counter :

Private Bus Stand, Madikeri,
Ph : 08272- 225002

Major peaks in Kodagu

Sl. No.


(In meters)

(From Madikeri)


Thadiyanda Mol


40 kms to Kakkabe
+8 kms up




70 kms to Hegademane
+8 kms up




20 kms to Madapura
+9 kms up


Male Hill (Malethirike)


40 kms to Palangala
+7 kms up


Brahmagiri Muvalamotte


48 kms to Talacauvery
+3 kms up


Igguthappa hill


30 kms to Nelji
+9 kms up


Perajemale (Kolikkamale)


45 kms to Peraje
+8 kms up




15 kms to Kaloor
+5 kms up




8 kms




48 kms




Nelaji 45 kms


Choma Kundu


Near Chelavara water falls, Cheyyandane 26 kms from Virajpet


Somamalai (Karada)


40 kms from Virajpet

Distance From Madikeri








Irpu Falls




















Abby Falls


Distance of Tourist Interest From Madikeri

Omkareshwar Temple

1 km


1 km

Raja's Seat (View Point)

1 km

Gaddige (Raja's Tomb)

1.5 km

Abby falls

9 km

Horticulture farm, Chettalli

20 km


40 km


48 km

Igguthappa temple, Kakkabe

45 km


49 km

Irupu Falls (Near Nagarahole)

85 km

Nagarahole (Game Sanctuary)

90 km

Cauvery Nisargadhama

28 km

Harangi Dam

36 km

Golden Temple , Bylukuppe

40 km

Nalnad Palace

40 km

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